The board game “Candyland” is owned and copy-written by Hasbro (or I think maybe Milton Bradley, but maybe they are owned by Hasbro). I make no claim of ownership and am making no profit off this production. It is a fan comic done entirely as a labor of love and appreciation for the original game.



MY “Candyland” is based on the 70’s/80’s version of the game, where Princess Lollipop was not a fairy, Queen Frostine was not a princess, and so on. This is the version I grew up with and the version I stand by. So while the story I’m writing and the characters I’ve designed are original enough to be an entirely different game, it has its roots in the aforementioned version, which is relevant to the story.



Yes, I have heard they are making a Candyland movie. I heard that long after I had already begin my notes, and as of the day this website was created, my designs and story notes are all complete, and there has been no information about the movie available. Therefore, if there should be any similarities between my comic and the eventual movie, I can assure you they are purely coincidental.